Brilliant Shadow

Justin Sonfield is often spotted with a camera in one hand and a guitar in the other. His insight into the inner-workings of band life gives him a creative edge when directing band photo shoots. Unfortunately for Justin, creating a website isn't something that comes as easily. Fortunately for Justin, he found Squarespace.

Squarespace rocks!”

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Shoot With Kill

Josh Kill found Squarespace to be “a beautiful tool that allows me to upload, deliver, promote, and share without worrying about the nitty gritty of web design.” The added efficiency allows him to take on more clients, deliver images ahead of schedule, and increase his profits.

Squarespace is like having my own web development team.”

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Daily Relish

In today's world, there is no question that blogging is crucial element to the success of your photography studio. And if you're looking for a template with design appeal and artistic flexibility, Squarespace is the clear choice.

Squarespace designs are amazing, professional, well-executed, and EASY. I am so happy to have found them!"

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Urban Baby

In order to promote her work, Carrie saw the need to bring her business, Urban Baby, online. She initially chose TypePad but later switched platforms, looking for more features to customize her site. She started using Squarespace, which provided the individualization she was looking for without requiring a lot of effort.

It's super friendly and I love the template! No HTML skills are needed and the dashboard rocks."

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Fashion Stylists

"Squarespace came highly recommended by several web designer friends of mine", says Aradia, "I was able to build my site all on my own from the ground up! I used Squarespace super-stylish gallery to exhibit my work JUST the way I wanted people to see it". Within two weeks of launching the site she began receiving enquiries - including an offer to feature her work in a book to inspire fashion students.

Squarespace allows me to have a professional site that's easy to update - it's perfect for busy people in creative industries!"

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