"Squarespace offers more features than the regular blogging platforms currently available online. With this heavy-duty, easy-to-use tool you are able to use RSS, feeds, spell check, XML-RRC pinging, comment management, member registration, ATOM, multiple authors, timed publishing dates and a whole lot more.

For those who are not techies and don't want to take on the frustrating task of learning HTML, cascading style sheets or complex design programs... but for those who simply want access to a professional looking web presence, Squarespace looks like it has it all! You get total control over your site with powerful publishing tools not available with other 'do-it-yourself' programs. "

"As a former Web developer with an IT career that probably eclipses the number of years you've been alive on this earth, I must say the customer support I've received from Squarespace has exceeded my expectations times 10. In this age of purported service, but what usually turns out to be rampant distrust and unabashed money-grubbing, your company stands out like a breath of fresh air amidst a sea of construction site porta-potties."
Robert Neville
"Squarespace has changed my life! I signed up a few days ago and I was total blown away. Within 12 hours I moved my domain over, ditched my Mambo CMS/Blogger combo and I'm digging in deep. I'm the kind of person I believe you've been trying to reach. Not a hardcore blogger/web head, rather a business person with some technical background who wants great tools to create content. Backed up with elegant design. My head is spinning with the possibilities for turning others on to your platform. The ramp-up time to get a presentable result is ridiculously fast."
Nick Braak
"Your presence and services is much appreciated. Thank you for the recent addition of the RSS syndication module, it has increased my subsriber rate substantially. I also want to acknowledge your integrity and honesty regarding the right way to gain traffic, the right way to get attention - good content. Your behind the scenes services makes it easier to post, track and submit a website and RSS feeds. Squarespace - great company, great service."
Patti Pacifico
"My site was up and running in a few hours. I felt great about finally getting my ideas online. I wanted more than a blog, with the opportunity to be very creative and I am excited about this great tool! I don't think I could have found a better place to create online."
Lewis Humphreys
"I deal with lots of small companies, self-publishers, and authors who need websites. So many of my students spend months learning a design tool, lots of money on software, and plenty on web hosting only to end up with a site that offers less features than those available on Squarespace.com. And what's better is there is no need to purchase software, and no need to spend months learning software.

Everything you'd want is included in a single site with an incredibly easy to use interface. It's amazing and worth every penny."
Cheryl Kirk
"Squarespace is the the best blogging platform out there, bar none, and I've tried them all. I'm proud to say I've been with Squarespace since the very beginning. However, as an avid tester I like to exercise my options. I've since experimented with several competing blog platforms, each with varying degrees of success. But I keep coming back to Squarespace."
Tyler West
"The more I work with Squarespace, the more I am impressed. At this point I'd even say that I'm completely blown away. Building a website quickly becomes very technical and confusing, but you've made it a breeze. The interface is sublime, and the thought behind the modules and navigation is smooth and logical. I am hooked!"
Robert MacKay, Sales and Marketing Manager
"I am a teacher and I LOVE Squarespace. You have enabled me to create a professional looking site without taking much of my time, allowing me to concentate on helping students. Thank you so much."
Daniel Bally

"While I try not to get too excited about new things (lest my head explode), I'm going to venture a pretty bold statement — Squarespace is the best content management system I have ever seen within its class (hosted, structured, sans code). This app is gorgeous in every sense — both in how it looks and in how it performs. It?s put together perfectly — it does everything you expect it to, and even more that you don't."
Deane Barker, Gadgetopia.com

"Squarespace is, without question, the best blog site on the internet. I've been searching for weeks to find a blog that had a professional look and at the same time was easy to set up. This is the easiest setup I've ever witnessed and the templates are great."
Tom Clarke
"I spent three months trying out various blogging tools before finally moving to Squarespace. I have never been more pleased. Squarespace has all the features you mentioned and more... far more. Squarespace can also be used to build regular websites and anything can be moved simply by clicking and dragging it to a new location. It requires NO coding skills and has more whistles and bells than you'll ever need. "
Billy Jones
"Prior to finding Squarespace, we'd spent six months dealing with inept college students, shady fly-by-night operations, excessively expensive solutions, and inflexible free tools. Squarespace allowed us, without any knowledge of HTML, to design a complex, content rich website and then to focus on putting out a magazine, not keeping our website running. It is highly advanced and flexible, but demands only a layman's knowledge of the internet to operate. Technical support is responsive, quick, and intelligible. I can't imagine running New Partisan without it."
Harry Siegel, Editor
"Squarespace is absolutely streets ahead of any other publishing software I've tried. I've tried all of your competitors - none of them come close. You have quite honestly revolutionized what I've been capable of producing as a blog, allowing me to set something up which is deceivingly professional-looking considering it's an effort by someone who knows next to no HTML! Every feature I can think of, both in terms of website attributes, and the usability of the publishing interface itself, is present, making it a highly intuitive and enjoyable experience. In every domain there are extras far beyond the call of duty and beyond what I'd come to expect - the rich detail available on visitors to the site, the ability to map domains, control over excerpting, and many others. Thank you for your service, and please keep it up."
Hardwin Jones
"I have been designing on the web for seven years, and to come across something so amazing and usable is a new encounter. Not only is the hosting amazing, the system and service stand right beside it. Squarespace is the new web."
Ryan Barr
"This was easier than I ever could have imagined. Not only do I have a professional looking and interactive site, I can change it on a whim. I found Squarespace in the morning, and about an hour later ... my site was done!"
Ken Carter, PhD, Psychology Professor and Science Writer
"When I found Squarespace, I was only looking for a better way to blog. But what I found was an infinitely better way to publish online! From start to finish within only a few hours, I'd assembled an extremely professional website (professional even by my standards) that impressed my friends, colleagues, and even my family. You did all the hard work - now all I have to do is sit back and look good! I can put my struggle for elegant simplicity behind me and concentrate on getting down to virtual business. Thanks for a robust and well-designed system."
Mike Russell, Russell Communications
"I consider myself a tech geek, and I love coding by hand. I have to say though, your system is an amazing way for me to easily share my ideas and thoughts with my visitors without having to worry about all the backend items. The great news? You let me go in and tinker all I want. Thank you very much."
Matthew Arevalo, Technical Account Manager